Blacklist from checksum

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Re: Blacklist from checksum

Post by Rseding91 »

seronis wrote:Best situation. Disable (or at least allow server to disable) the entire hash check. People should be able to join a server they know will work. Mandatory hash check when its preventing valid situations is inexcusable
Say what you like. Being able to just "turn it off" is not likely to ever happen. The entire point of the CRC checks is to prevent desyncs, and subsequent unhappy users, and bug reports by ensuring everyone has the same mod file contents and one or more people hasn't modified their files and or the host hasn't modified the files over what the connecting people have.

That's also why "on_load" can't access the game state now - so many people did it wrong and would cause desyncs. Even now inexperienced mod developers continue to do it wrong and modify the global table on_load so they can do stuff during the next tick which results in days of work for us to troubleshoot the bug reports and unhappy customers that the game is desyncing because of poorly written mods.

If there is a way to do it wrong people will do it wrong - that's just a fact. By forcing mods to be written correctly they can't do it wrong and so they won't cause desyncs and the users won't have to deal with desyncs, we won't have to deal with bug reports and we can spend our time actually fixing real issues or developing the future version of the game.
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Re: Blacklist from checksum

Post by seronis »

If a mod ACTUALLY does something that breaks determinism it will end up causing desyncs. The problem will be obvious very quickly. For features like colorblindness adjustments, sound adjustments, texture swaps there is no reason not to allow people to turn off a feature that is causing more problems than it solves. The problems it solve are things that are self evident with the most minor of playtesting with a mod. Just reading these forums its painfully obvious when a mod does something that negatively affects game state and stability. Players for this community have a healthy desire to report those issues to the thread for a given mod. From a dev standpoint if you want to weed out "unhappy players" then just have the option that disables the hash checks also insert a message into the log showing the game is running in "im on my own mode". Require bug reports to be filed from setups that dont require unrestricted (/unsafe) mode. Everyone wins in that situation. Right now features people desperately want and features people were previously using are no longer available with no benefit.

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Re: Blacklist from checksum

Post by ssilk »

To make long things short: The biggest problems are mods, that will lead to desyncs in the middle of the game, cause that is a reason to never play Factorio again.

And you read Rseding91: black-/whitelisting mechanism will not come. Not just so. There will be something implemented, that enables modders to have deterministic mods that distincts somehow at game-start.

In short: It will come, but not now, cause doing this in the suggested way (as fast patch) will lead by guarantee to neverending problems.
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