What are your thoughts on death in single player?

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Re: What are your thoughts on death in single player?

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Save scumming isn't a reasonable excuse to not add options for single-player respawn options. I've had instances where I wanted to see just how powerful various methods of attack are (tried machine gun with steel armour, then also used AP, then used a tank), and went out with the intention to reload if it failed purely because it was a learning experience. In those cases, I would much prefer to lose what I had on me and respawn at the base, because keeping the items I used to attack felt cheap.

Also, in both modes, the respawn point should be some tangible structure that can be destroyed, so that cases where biters have overrun the base result in an actual failure state instead of a death loop. I was watching a playthrough where this happened early on, and felt like it was a mechanical issue more than anything even though they caused it. It should also be rebuild-able, provided you have the appropriate tech and parts, and would need unmistakable notification that you had no respawn point. With it being a tangible structure, this would also allow moving the spawn area to somewhere more secure.

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