Sorting savegames: by date / world

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Re: Sorting savegames (was: Save game system)

Post by aka13 »

tamanous wrote:
Thu Oct 22, 2020 6:48 pm
I once was wishing for that too and found a simple but yet very practical approach. I hope this works on windows, too, and easens up things for you.

Open your file browser and navigate to your saves folder. Create a sub-folders. They are shown ingame and are sorted alphabetically above the saves in the main save folder.
Holy shit why did nobody tell me about this. How is the cloud saving in that case, does it still work?
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Re: Sorting savegames: by date / world

Post by mrvn »

ssilk wrote:
Wed Nov 17, 2021 11:50 pm
This thread is about sorting savegames.
Yes, and autosaves should be sorted so they appear together with the world they belong to.

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Re: Sorting savegames: by date / world

Post by Koub »

That looks like the suggestion I made in that other very related thread :
Koub wrote:
Wed Jun 15, 2016 10:35 am
I'd also +1 on this topic. Example : the way KSP works : there are "games" in which there are saves.
When you start a game, you create a new game, and after that, all the saves are within that game.
On the disk, the game is a folder, and the saves are files within.

Bonus : In KSP, there are subfolders for ships and subassemblies, I'd see "blueprints" in Factorio. Every single blueprint could be saved that way in its own file within the game it has been created in..
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Re: Sorting savegames: by date / world

Post by ssilk »

@mrvn: gnaw :) right, it hangs together as Koub nicely pointed out, but you would not implement both at the same time.

(You would implement first either the “world”-concept or extend the load-requester with different sorting options. And then you would mix both changes together. You would not implement both features in the same development-branch. Well, ok, that goes a little bit too deep, I’m too deep in product-owner thinking… :roll: )
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