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Long heat pipes, in various lengths

Posted: Sun Mar 12, 2023 4:22 pm
by cmnl
Linearly-oriented (up-down or left-right) heat transport entity, minimum 1*3 tiles, max 1*9 or 1*11 tiles. Perpendicular branching heat connections at regular intervals.
What ?
A very basic mock-up of the concept this post is suggesting.
A very basic mock-up of the concept this post is suggesting.
long_heat_pipe_concept.png (578 Bytes) Viewed 186 times
The above extremely basic image (top-down view) displays the 1*3, 1*5 and 1*7 tile variants of the concept entity I am proposing, oriented up-down.
A new prototype will be needed, as the current heat pipe prototype requires advanced sprite collections of its connection permutations as a mandatory property, while each variant of this entity will ideally require only 4: unheated up-down orientation, unheated left-right orientation, glowing up-down orientation, glowing left-right orientation.
Possible new prototype name: long-heat-pipe
Improvements and/or criticism that I can use to improve the concept are welcome!
Why ?
This concept is intended to save UPS in nuclear and modded/future heat-using builds at megabase sizes, especially for players with low-end devices who wish to expand to megabase size. This concept has the potential to improve gameplay variety, as at megabase sizes extensive and space-intensive fields of solar panels and accumulators would need to be built and placed; using nuclear setups of megabase-level wattages is currently impractical due to the UPS cost of moving fluids and heat at that scale.