Colliding deconstruction/construction planners: Fish & Landfill

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Colliding deconstruction/construction planners: Fish & Landfill

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There's a Lake that you want to Landfill using a Blueprint using Construction Robots.

In this Lake there's a lot of Fish you'd like to catch before the water it lives in is land-filled. Following the Wiki, Fish is only generated once with the map and will neither despawn nor respawn (without using certain mods).

Unfortunately, it seems to be ranD00MiZed™ if first the Landfill kicks in or harvesting the Fish. Changing the Water Tile to Land before harvesting the Fish that is in destroys it.

Internal priorization to catch Fish before filling its tile if both conditions (a landfill construction order & a catch fish deconstruction order in the same tile/area) are true.

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