Flamethrower Turret: more options w/fluids

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Flamethrower Turret: more options w/fluids

Post by thereaverofdarkness »

Add more ways for fluids to affect the flamethrower turret beyond only damage.

Fluids in Flamethrower Turrets
Currently, flamethrower turrets have their damage affected by which fluid you have hooked up to fuel them, for example they receive a 10% damage bonus when using light oil as opposed to crude oil.

I would like to see these fluids be able to grant other effects to the turrets, such as altering the length of time which flames last, the amount that it slows enemies, or even changing the damage of ground flames versus the direct hit damage.
Why ?
Rather than each fluid being in a boring linear progression, I want them to be unique and interesting as options, such that the choice of which fuel to use hinges both upon what you have available logistically as well as what effects will benefit your current defenses most. You could even mix and match flamethrower turrets hooked up to different fuel types for layered effects.
Some Ideas
This is what I wanted to do with flamethrower turret fuels:
Crude Oil: shorter range, low damage but very long burn time and produces a lot of pollution, especially good at slowing enemies
Heavy Oil: medium range, low direct damage but high ground flame damage and long burn time, produces significant pollution
Light Oil: longer range, moderate direct damage, moderate ground flame damage, moderate burn time, moderate pollution, well-rounded
Petroleum Gas: shorter range, very high direct damage like tank flamethrower but little or no ground flame, low pollution, doesn't slow enemies
Diesel (KS Power mod): longer range, high direct damage, high ground flame damage, low burn time, low pollution, strong yet expensive
Flamethrower Fluid (Flamethrower Fluid mod): medium range, medium direct damage, high ground flame damage, fairly long burn time, slows enemies pretty well, also strong yet expensive

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Re: Flamethrower Turret: more options w/fluids

Post by FuryoftheStars »

I could get behind this.

I've also been thinking recently that it'd be interesting for you to be able to pump sulfuric acid through them, though obviously not for a flame affect....
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