QOL: Make pumpjacks or drills snap to resources

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QOL: Make pumpjacks or drills snap to resources

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Like trains snap to nearby train stops, perhaps buildings (like the pumpjack) could snap to their buildable locations (like oil patches). Similarly, make certain mining drills, like (from the Krastorio 2 mod) Quarry drills, which can only be placed on rare Imersite cave entities, snap to nearby Imersite caves.
What ?
In this image:
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 10.38.52 PM.png
Screenshot 2022-07-06 at 10.38.52 PM.png (646.51 KiB) Viewed 231 times
You can see that, despite my cursor (which didn't get caught in the screenshot, but is near the number 1) being rather far away from the train stop, the locomative still snaps to the train stop. This is a useful convenience feature, and it may be also useful if a similar feature were to be extended to pumpjacks and mining drills (similar to how, in StarCraft 2, refineries snap to nearby vespene geysers).

Not all mining drills need to snap to nearby resources. The vanilla mining drill, for example, probably shouldn't snap to nearby resources, since there are many possible locations where it could be placed. However, mining drills that can only be placed on rare single tiles, like the Quarry drill from the Krastorio 2 mod, could snap to their resource, making it significantly easier to place.
Why ?
This feature helps the game in multiple ways. First of all, it makes it faster and more convenient to place pumpjacks quickly. It also aids people who have less-than-typical fine motor control to place pumpjacks.

Furthermore, in mods such as Krastorio 2, there are large entities like the Quarry drill, can only be placed on the center of large entities like the Imersite cave. Since these are very large, it can be sometimes difficult to position the Quarry drill quickly on the Imersite cave. This QOL feature would make it much more convenient to place other such entities.

This feature is along the same thread as other QOL features that are already implemented in this game, like how belts snap to the same line when dragging, how trains snap to nearby train stops or rails, or the other QOL features for clicking and dragging buildings like power poles, underground belts, or pipe to ground (underground pipes).

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