copy/paste for provider chests (limit slots)

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copy/paste for provider chests (limit slots)

Post by Cobaltur » Tue Mar 13, 2018 8:22 pm

I want to limit the size of the provider chests in a fast way.

What ?
I'm using the copy&paste recipe for provider chests a lot ( and its inceasing amount depending on the modules and beacons)

So why not limiting the output amount on pasting onto a provider chest.
The number of free slots can also a result of what can be produced in a certain time ( also depend on the modues)

So placing an assembling machine, select recipe, place a requester and provider chests and then a single copy and 2 paste clicks and voila.
Why ?
It's the nature of the game so setup an assembly chain as fast without to waste materials inside buffers chests.

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