Improve get-games API

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Improve get-games API

Postby Natha » Tue May 09, 2017 8:31 am

I hope It's right to post it here...

Since a few versions (I think since 0.15) each server has a server-id.json file with an id which is identical to that server id in the get-games JSON array (<username>&token=<token>).
So now there are possibilities to find a suitable array entry for a running server, which I want to use to enable player statistics in our user's server interfaces.

However I have to check ALL array entries to find a matching entry for a server, and that with ALL servers. Thats not efficient.

So it would be great if you make an associative json array where the keys are the server ids so I can easily get the correct item for a given id.

PS there is also the game-id field, which I can use to get more server details, but I can't find that id in any server files.

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Re: Improve get-games API

Postby noliVe » Thu Oct 12, 2017 7:28 pm

yes would be great to have more control over that api HTTP parameter to filter or better selection

i still want server - server game logs - we could program some little protection vs griefing ,
and even have irc/chat possibilities
would be good for streamers on yt or twitch
and sure to watch over bad guys ruining the server you are playing with
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