1-1 Trains Only 1,1k Spm Base Teaser

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1-1 Trains Only 1,1k Spm Base Teaser

Post by SauerkrautPudding »

Hello Community,

I think I made something in Factorio that is worth showing. I have never seen something like this before at least, so here is a quick Teaser (only 1:30 minutes so you can give it a shot mby).


Some numbers/words:
- Pure vanilla, biters on
- 1,1k Spm including military
- No logistics bots
- 1001 1-1 Trains on the map currently
- Expandable Design
- Trash System
- Also Mall design with 1-1 Trains only
- Main Switch to turn on/off parts of the base (Science Production, Module Production, Mall etc...)
- Calculation of Over/Underproduction based on which parts of the factory are turned on

If I am able to get some interest from the community I will make a base tour where I cover all of this.
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Re: 1-1 Trains Only 1,1k Spm Base Teaser

Post by TaylorItaly »

Woh, awesome !!

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