Live multiplayer Trains Tutorial

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Live multiplayer Trains Tutorial

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So this is a bit of an experiment on my part but the idea is to help anyone who'd like some assistance understanding trains and train signals in Factorio.

Some background: Despite in-game tips and tricks and playable guides, online text tutorials, YouTube tutorials and so on there are frequent questions on the Reddit sub about trains and train signals. We're all different and learn new stuff in different ways so I thought that maybe if I host a multiplayer game where people can join, fool around with trains and I act as a tutor to answer questions might help some.

So this is really just an open offer to anyone to come join a multiplayer game tomorrow:

Live Trains Tutorial
Saturday 30 January at 21:00 / 9pm CET

Just look for public games and you should be able to find it in the multiplayer list.

I've prepared a map in the in-game editor with some different track setups with trains and signals and you're welcome to just join, look around and observe how the trains act live. You're also welcome to go grab stuff from the provided chests and start building your own tracks somewhere and ask questions along.

In case you haven't joined a multiplayer game before the key to in-game chat is tilde ~. It can be changed in the settings.

If requested I could setup a temporary Discord server for it as well.

If you got any questions or train cases you'd like me to prepare beforehand feel free to ask.
Currently primary Danish translator of Factorio. Feel free to contact me in regards to the translations.

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