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Earth Economy Multiplayer Map HELP

Posted: Sat Sep 26, 2020 10:22 am
by RawChicken
Hello, first post here, long time player. For some time Ive been wanting to set up a multiplayer map but need help with some topics I don't even know how to start addressing, so I thought I would ask the forum.

Need help with:
- Setting up a dedicated server (paid/rented, I don't own a computer to host the server 24/7) that will list the game in the public games list.
- Scripting to allow players to select their spawn point based on a list of available options.

The idea is to have a big map with Earth shape (but flat), where players spawn in their chosen cities and build their factories there. Although small patches of ore will be distributed around the map to allow simple bases to spawn, large and dense patches of ore will only be available at specific areas (for example, middle east will have TONS of oil). Players will then have to create distribution networks around the world to get resources where they are needed, or to be processed and distributed further.

I already have the Earth map, although the large patches of ore are not set yet.

Need help with (part II):
I would like this map to be online 24/7 and accessible to people with low ping. I have neither a computer available to run the server 24/7 nor a good internet connection, so hosting it myself is not an option. I'm happy to pay for a rented server, problem is that I've been reading about it and the more I read the less I understand. I have no idea how to set it up and it all looks like a black hole to me, so I would need help from someone that knows how to set up a server to teach me.
-Map code:
I would like players to spawn wherever they choose from a list of cities, so players can choose to set a factory in their IRL city if that is what they want. So upon joining the game, a choose your spawning point list should appear.

Future steps:
If this idea turns to work out and people like it, another step forward would be to separate players by "teams" based on their chosen country, each team having their own tech tree.

If you are interested on playing this idea of a map and/or can help make it real please drop a line, this will also help to know how many people are interested to play. I will set up a discord channel if there is interest!

Thank you for reading!

Re: Earth Economy Multiplayer Map HELP

Posted: Sun Dec 20, 2020 12:24 pm
by Keltamar
Hello =)

are you still looking for help? This project sounds interesting. I already had a server runing for myself and my brother. But we stoped playing a while ago. I can setup the server and probably help with the moding required. I work as a software developer.

If you are still into this project let me know. I am eager to see your current progress, the map and maybe more details. I would be glad to meet you in voice chat to discuss the details.


Re: Earth Economy Multiplayer Map HELP

Posted: Tue Dec 22, 2020 8:48 pm
by NotRexButCaesar
If you are, I would like to join in on the fun.

Re: Earth Economy Multiplayer Map HELP

Posted: Mon Jan 11, 2021 8:47 pm
by Keltamar
seems like the project is dead...

Re: Earth Economy Multiplayer Map HELP

Posted: Sat Feb 20, 2021 12:40 pm
by RawChicken
Hello everyone. Thanks for the replies, I saw little interest and forgot about the project.
Keltamar wrote:
Sun Dec 20, 2020 12:24 pm
are you still looking for help?
Yes! Thank you! I will send you a PM with contact information.

Anyone else interested on this project, either to help or to play, just leave a message and I will contact you if things work out. I will also post updates on this thread.

Re: Earth Economy Multiplayer Map HELP

Posted: Mon Feb 22, 2021 5:38 am
by Rafiz
For machine hosting I cannot advice you in few words, as it's quite complicated, but you could find some simple to use ready factorio servers (I don't know if it exist, but maybe it does) and if that doens't exist you can buy(or find free?) some remote virtual machine and use SSH client to access console on that virtual machine. I'm using google cloud and it let's you set up machine with pre-instaled linux, which is great! Than you just need to put game on that disk and run it. All you really need to know is to type google cloud and follow their many tutorials they have.

Assuming you use linux remote machine :
I put simple command

Code: Select all

./bin/x64/factorio --start-server-load-latest --server-settings ./data/server-settings.json
inside (or any other short name for script) and run it from console evrytime I want to start server. You also must put some save file so that "start-server-load-latest" flag has something to load (it will load latest autosave/save later on, It's not best flag if you want to have multiple separate games, so I would recommend to have saves from only one world for 1 headless factorio folder) . I usually make save file on my personal computer, to just have a look at spawn area, have already all mods "hard written" to be in save, etc etc and than send it to remote machine into factorio/saves folder. I think it's easier than setting server up with game starting settings, looking at server, having to re-make all of that once it fails... Just making new world in singleplayer factorio will result in better world, quicker to check up, easier to adjust settings.

Also theres interesting thing that when I connected via SSH and ran factorio on remote machine server went down after closing SSH console. To counter that I now use "screen". I simply write 'screen' than (either install it (sudo apt-get install screen), or ) accept message with enter and than I run server ./ and I can close SSH connection window. Than if you want access closed window you might look into 'man screen' to know how to do it, or use like 'htop' to just kill it if that's your intent. Just don't kill server twice (unless it's frozen). Killing factorio server ONCE will perform gentle quit. So you can ctr-c it or kill it from manager - and nothing bad will probably happen game saves and server normally quits, that's unless you send kill signal twice - than it will quit immidietly.

For networking you just must open single port 34197 for UDP (unles you will use config.ini to use other port) aand I never had problems with firewall on Linux. don't know how about windows, but... Just don't use windows for headless factorio machine. If you already have dedicated virtual machine and have to control it remotely... Linux is better for that.

Re: Earth Economy Multiplayer Map HELP

Posted: Sat May 01, 2021 10:00 am
by Xapurri
Hello! I love the idea! Is there someone still interested in bringing this project alive?

I have some ideas about the project we can put in common!