European, Bobs/Angels, lots of QoL mods.

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European, Bobs/Angels, lots of QoL mods.

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Hey, everyone.
I'm almost done with my current Bobs/Angels playthrough, and the game doesn't provide any challenges any longer, unfortunately.
I'm using all Bobs and Angels mods, dozens of quality of life mods and stuff (like helicopter, picker dollies, bottleneck, What is it really used for and so on).

I'm willing to play with someone who's using a similar mod setup, or just wants to learn the ropes with Bob's And Angel's mods - I'm willing to share all my experience in this regard.
I'm Ukrainian, and play around 6pm-10pm GMT, almost every day. English is no problem either, but currently I don't have a microphone. Which is not a problem to buy if it's really needed :)

I like to build tight, organized bases, with trees. We can build one base or two neighbouring bases :)

Anyway, would like to have a friend to play with.

Cheers! :)

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