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[0.17.43] Join and Play COOP !

Posted: Mon May 06, 2019 7:32 am
by IIPoliII
Hello everypony and everyone here !

I am here to introduce you Join and Play COOP server.

We are a freindly factorio server who accepts all players here are some infos :
  • Online 24/24 Hours 7/7 (at least we try) (for desync players we restart at 3:30 AM GMT+1)
  • Fast Speed download
  • 0Arc's scenario always at the lastest version !
  • Discord avalible at
  • Discord Cross-Platform talking ! Talk on the server we will see it on discord and talk in discord it goes in factorio aswell !
  • Website, status, saves website availbe on
  • Admin who always work in background to bring new freatures !
  • Auto Update check every our (always at the lastest experimental version
  • Auto permissions of deconstruct after 3 Hours of playtime see your play time in game (we check your hours every 15 minutes) or on (live hours)
  • Automatic timestamp every 15 minutes
  • Automatic saves every hours (depends)
  • Website :
  • We accept DRM free players
  • For the moded server automatic mods update every night
  • Server stats graphs
About Servers :
  • [S1] : Oarc scenario, this server is always turning on the lastest Oarc scenario with an high avability we automatically reset it at 1k rockets or more depends of the community again
  • [S2] : This server is a modded server with some mods like BOB and FARL ! (For now sadly it's offline due to bob :c )
  • [S3] : Maze ! This server is all new it's a maze where you need to build in a maze of trees !
  • [S4] : Oarc BunkerWorld. This is still the Oarc scenario but you get a bunker (limited map) and you need to go outside to get more ressources but aliens are outside.
  • [S5] : Oarc Stable this is for our good old players who plays the 0.16.51 and still want to play Oarc scenarios !
  • [S6] : Labyrinth this scenario server is done for tryhards ! You need to mine rocks and it unlocks parts of the map ! (but it isn't easy since aliens can spawn as well)
  • [S7] : UnderGround ! This is also all new you will play underground and you will need to mine to move on and make the map bigger ! stay near the lights c:
  • [S8] : Space Exploration ! Did you hear of that new mod where you can explore space ? We host it ! and of course always at the lastest version !
Now some more infos about the servers to connect :

I really love to work on this server the resets are not automatic and are choosed by the player in the discord c:

The server is stable until the map gets at 500 Mb.

We love to get your ideas on discord ! Sometimes it's too hard to do them sadly but we like new propositions.

Also we are planing to do clusterio c:

For the moment i try to make this server grow ! It's really hard to found new players mainly since the 0.17. The scneario we are using is for now unstable due to this version but normally we don't have issues


Address :
Name : Join And play COOP

Re: [0.17.36] Join and Play COOP !

Posted: Tue May 14, 2019 7:16 am
by IIPoliII
We opened 2 new servers :

S5 For 0.16.51 players, it's an Oarc scenario
S6 For 0.17.X, it's a labyrinth scenario (a bit hardcore) but it's really fun to play one you understood it!

Between our discord counts now more than 100 members !

Re: [0.17.42] Join and Play COOP !

Posted: Thu May 23, 2019 12:58 pm
by IIPoliII
Added 2 more servers and changed somes C: