Desync issues / [EU] Railworld Megabase [07.08]

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Desync issues / [EU] Railworld Megabase [07.08]

Post by md_zoran » Wed Nov 28, 2018 1:32 pm

Hi !

I tried playing this game today but the game won't connect. Then the client got desynced. I snooped around and opened the locally saved map. The thing is that someone griefed the fork out of it on a massive scale, the server is in a frenzy trying to get bots to do the massive deconstruction work and I think this is why the game won't connect.

I posted this to achieve the following :
- give a heads up to people experiencing desync issues
- notify the owners of this game about what happened (nice looking map, if you can restore it, I would love to play !)
- post stuff so I can use direct messaging :D

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