Looking for someone who'd want to play a bob's with LTN game

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Looking for someone who'd want to play a bob's with LTN game

Post by Jelmergu » Mon Nov 26, 2018 3:26 pm

I'm searching for someone who'd like to play a game with some mods

Mods used:

Code: Select all

Belt Brush 16
Belt Reverser
Bob's Adjustable Inserters
Bob's Assembling Machines
Bob's Electronics
Bob's Functions Libray mod
Bob's Logistics mod
Bob's Metals, Chemicals and Intermediates
Bob's Mining
Bob's Modules
Bob's Ores
Bob's Power
Bob's Revamp mod
Bob's Tech
Bottleneck Logistics
Cable Swapper
Cheaper Landfill
CopyAssembler Pipe Direction
Enhanced Map Colors
Fully Automated Rail Layer
Item Count
LTN - Logistic Train Network
Logistic Research Fix
Minimap Autohide
No Respawn Gun
Remove Mod Names
Resource Spawner Overhaul
Robot Replacer
Smarter Bot Recharge
Sqeak Through
Stop That, Silly Robot
There is my ghost
Train Driver
Train brakes to infinity
Upgrade Builder and Planner
Upgrade Machines
Verhicle wagon
Verhicle snap
noRocks Redux

and the valves from Angels petrochem(not the rest of that mod though)

I will provide the mods in a package, no need to download the list then

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