LFP for a challenging modded playthrough. All are welcome :)

Arrange meetings with other people to play MP, announce your servers.
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LFP for a challenging modded playthrough. All are welcome :)

Post by Skovva »

Hello Factory builders, the name's Skovva and I'm looking for one to three more people who want to take on a challenging multiplayer game. (Rail world, difficult evolution settings, and mods (Rampant, Bob's Mods, Space Extender, and more!))

I sadly can't host the server myself so we will need to find a solution for that, either player hosted or perhaps we pool some money to rent a dedicated server?

A little about me and what I imagine the group would be like...
English is my native language, but I can also speak German. I'm relatively new to Factorio (150-200hours), I never finished the base game because I jumped straight into the deep end of Bob's mods (I'm a sucker for complexity and you should be ready for and enjoy the challenge!) It's not important to me to set up a factory that is perfectly optimized with precise ratios, however if you enjoy that sort of thing or want to work it out, you are absolutely free to do so. With a rail world setting some level of organization/planning will be important but every player will be free to build as they see fit and we should be informing each other of what we're working on and future plans we may have. The focus will be collaboration and teamwork! :D I've taken a few months off of work before I start work on a Master's program in the Fall so I have *lots* of free time and would love to spend it building a factory! I'm in the GMT +1 time zone, it doesn't matter where you are located as long as you can be present somewhere in the 12pm - 2am range so we can be sure to get some play as a group.

Please leave a reply below or send me a PM if you can answer yes to the following:
1. Are mature and respectful and want to work in a team
2. Will agree to a zero-tolerance harassment policy that we will discuss before beginning (basically, if you wouldn't agree to this policy http://www.emeraldcitycomicon.com/About ... nt-Policy/ you won't be right for this group)
3.(optional) Are female or queer. This will be a safe space for you free of discrimination or harassment and I encourage you to join us! :)

Please do not leave a reply if you:
1. Are not open-minded (think that 'retard' or 'gay' are acceptable words to use as deragatory terms)
2. Want to grief or enjoy destroying other people's work
3. Don't enjoy a challenging scenario

Thank you all so much for reading my proposition. I can't wait to get a wonderful group together to enjoy this amazing game!

*EDIT* - you can also find me on Discord "Skovva #9069"
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Re: LFP for a challenging modded playthrough. All are welcome :)

Post by Shokubai »

I am interested in playing and your time frame works for me. I am GMT-6 so that lines up right after work for me.

Definitely throw me in the hat.

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Re: LFP for a challenging modded playthrough. All are welcome :)

Post by ballisticchrome »

Hey Skovva,

I'm deffinatly interested in a MP modded world ( the more mods the better IMO).
Currently I'm working SP on a Bobs mod, Angelthon + some extra mods but that gets really overwhelming solo.
I live in in the GMT+1 time zone as well and have a lot of free time in between my studies so i would love to play some with you and others.

I'll add you on discord if you want to talk to me :) .


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Re: LFP for a challenging modded playthrough. All are welcome :)

Post by Tashen »


I am interested in joining. I am not a perfect ratio guy either, I tend to build a bunch and use brute force to get the job done. I have played a lot, but never done much with rails, but I am working on learning that.

I sent you a friend request on discord. (tashen #4406)

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