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Biter Battles Championships are happening !

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2021 2:42 pm
by ever_Lord
Hello, factorians !

We are pleased to announce to you the Image
A persistent struggle on the Biter Battles scenario, split into two leagues.
Starting last weekend of October (Friday 29th-Sunday 31st). Yeah!

is the Premier | Elite league where known top teams and players will fight on Hard difficulty and without BluePrints.

is the Regular league where everyone else will fight on Normal difficulty and with BluePrints.

Register and build your team at

Try the scenario in the public game "Free", train on our public servers "[BBC] Training"

Multistream showmatch on October Saturday 9th at 21h CEST, check (antiElitz, JDPlays, Taishan, etc.)

All the details, rules, infos are in the pdf

In short, what is the Biter Battles scenario?
✧ you defend from waves of biters attacking your silo.
✧ biters attack every other minute, their force depending on threat and evolution.
✧ threat and evolution grow continuously and are boosted by sending science.

Teams register with 3(+1) players: Matches are 3vs3, 4th can be substitute|coach|spy.
✦ Two leagues are meant to get more people, maximum teams.
(you won’t have to fight against top teams if you are placed in the biter league).
✦ The leagues will start the last weekend of October, so you have time to establish a team & train.
✦ We aim to have one match per team and per week (each match will need a referee).
✦ Besides honors and proudness obtained by winners, top teams will earn cash and/or hardware from the community (1000€ guaranteed)

Re: Biter Battles Championships are happening !

Posted: Wed Sep 29, 2021 2:46 pm
by ever_Lord
Here are some videos we made :
-Trailer 1 :
-Trailer 2 :
- Announce :