Looking for people to play Bob's/Angel's with

Arrange meetings with other people to play MP, announce your servers.
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Looking for people to play Bob's/Angel's with

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Hi everyone,

I have been playing factorio for a while and definitely had the most fun when playing with other people. My problem is that I am a perfectionist which is great when you are working on a small part of the factory but not when you are building a whole factory by yourself. It takes me hours to get things done. On the other hand huge servers packed with people that change every time you log on, I don't have that much fun with either.

Anyway I have too much time on my hand for the next one and a half week so I wanted to dive into a save and I would love to do it with some other people. I hope I will be able to help but I haven't tested it yet. But I don't see a reason why my computer and my internet connection shouldn't be able to handle it.

I am from Germany and probably will be around during the following times: 02:00 pm - 02:00 am CEST.

If you are interested in playing with me you should have Discord since it is my preferred communications app. We can talk about the mods before we start the save but long reach and a few others are a must. Other than that just leave a post here and we'll figure out the rest.

See you at the factory.

Cheers, InSicK

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