Biter Wars EXTREME with Rampant Rampages

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Biter Wars EXTREME with Rampant Rampages

Post by pato » Mon Feb 11, 2019 8:18 pm

Hello fellow dudes

today i want to invite you on my server with a massive war against the Biters.

You start in a very well established Ammo Production Factory with massive defense walls and a fully automatic supply network, but even tho the walls are not able to survive for long.

- The research center has been destroyed and must be rebuild to develop new weapons against the ever increasing strenght of the biter hordes
- Mining facilities are under constant pressure and require massiv defenses and a strong logistics network
- ressources are depleted fast. new mining facilities must be build to maintain the exponentially rising needs of the factory

The following mods are required:

- Alien Loot Economy
- Armageddon
- Bullet Trails
- Laser Beam Turrets
- Rampant
- Rampant Arsenal

1mb max upload

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