Tournament Competition - Free Servers!

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Tournament Competition - Free Servers!

Post by GM8 » Mon Jun 11, 2018 6:46 am

RED vs BLUE Factorio-off

GM8's monthly competition time!

We will be running 2 instances of vanilla Factorio on 2 of our largest servers, Team Red will own one while Team Blue will own the other. Each team has 48 hours to craft the most production out of their factory!

The winning team will get:

- branded "Factorio Winner" in gm8 discord
- 2 free 20 slot servers for 3 months
- winning server save will be loaded as the default gm8 server save (it will live on forever!)
- discount codes

The rules:

- we will not give out the url of each server to the other team, if one of your team leaks it that's on you, griefing is allowed
- we will not be running any mods
- ddos'ing will result in a ban (obviously)

Respond TEAM RED or TEAM BLUE to be placed in the correct team! Competition starts 6/23/18 midnight PST and ends 6/24/18 midnight PST
Best of luck!

Join this server to participate:

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