[CLOSED] [EN] 1-2 experienced ppl for Bobs/Angels

Arrange meetings with other people to play MP, announce your servers.
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[CLOSED] [EN] 1-2 experienced ppl for Bobs/Angels

Post by masterzh » Tue Mar 06, 2018 11:10 am

Hi all!,

i am looking for 1-2 lovers of factorio prefferebly with fetish for Bobs and Angels with healthy amounth of OCD.

About me:
Mature, chill, joke / sarcasm friendly person. Already played 5-6 MP playtroughs with more then 500h. I like some level of perfection and reasonable efficiency but i dont go too deep in numbers. Having challenge is a must but i can appreciate spontaneous fun along. Fluent English, timezone UTC +2 (czech republic) available daily in evenings. Got fairly powerfull system / connection so i am happy to host.
Regarding playstyle i am balanced player (so i can maintain research, overlook the progress, expand base and mining operations) however i prefer ppl who are ok taking sub-roles and being responsible for their shit which i assume is basic method in any factorio MP. I enjoy the ore processing the most however i try to rotate different areas each time for more "colorfull" experience.

Suggested goals: (some or all)
- have fun

- "Expensive mode"
but if you come up with some way to use a lot of materials consistantly ( <<< being a key word here as planning to have 1 rocket per second is pretty useless for 90% of playthrough) for something reasonable we can go with normal (my reasoning for this1 is that usually i end up with a lot of resources so some compromise between frustration and boredom of too much everything while keeping the production "mighty")

- huge but rare ore patches
(while i love trains i really dont like the meta of moving train stop every 10 mins)

- infinity ores (angel mod)
(i would be carefull with this1, possibly even tweak it so the yeld go very low but some very small income even after depleting patch feels conforting)

- harder enemy difficulty
failing is part of the experience... we dont join MP to play sandbox dont we :)

Suggested mods for playthrough:
-quality of life mods
sqeeze through
long reach
Auto Fill
Upgrade Builder and Planner
Bottleneck / EfficienSee
timelaps mode

Big mods
All angels
All bobs
(feel free to suggest others smaller ones)

Required from you:
- Fluent ENG and discord (i am ok with chat only but voice-communication sometimes speed up things)
- Time to play at least 2-3 days a week
- Willingness to finish stuff
- i prefer 18+ but sadly u cant measure mentality by age

My last play resoulted in this:
(Factorio 0.15 - modded (Bobs, Angels, Yuoki, others) 120h)
(just me and friend)

Timelaps here:

Discord contact:
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Re: [EN] 1-2 experienced ppl for Bobs/Angels epic playthrough

Post by Termak » Thu Mar 08, 2018 11:04 pm

I would love to play some angelbob with you, got plenty experience and always on expensive marathon.
My current modlist in the attachment if you want to check what i play with.
I can play a lot, often late nights also, nearly same timezone, Finland
My modlist
(3.55 KiB) Downloaded 23 times

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Re: [EN] 1-2 experienced ppl for Bobs/Angels epic playthrough

Post by Qub3 » Fri Mar 09, 2018 3:32 am

I'm lookin to join if you don't mind, 17 about to graduate high school and been feeling for some factorio got discord and willing to talk. :D

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Re: [EN] 1-2 experienced ppl for Bobs/Angels epic playthrough

Post by ballisticchrome » Fri Mar 09, 2018 2:45 pm


I'd like to join if possible, My experience doesnt run all that deep but i have played some angels/bob mods before.
Only ever singleplayer though, so playing multiplayer would be awesome.(singleplayer gets boring from time to time)
I like running the numbers to some extent but it gets complicated fast with mods, which is at least half the fun.

Discord is no problem for me, and often my afternoons are empty.
Hope to play with you and some others .

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Re: [EN] 1-2 experienced ppl for Bobs/Angels epic playthrough

Post by Tixout » Tue Mar 13, 2018 1:06 pm

Hello !

Well, i am also very interested !
I have been playing Factorio since early 0.12 and thoroughly since then. Currently at 650~hours played, i have always played with mods, and especially with Bob and Angels.

Being a PhD student in artificial intelligence, i quite enjoy number crushing, min maxing, and to a better extent, problem solving (factorio players all do, i believe). I would also defined myself as a balanced player and could see myself specialized in any given task as i quite enjoy the idea of being in a team working towards something. I've had a few multiplayer experiences in the past but nothing as big as i would like. This is why your description of your project interests me so much.

My timezone is GMT +1 (France) So we should easily be able to meet all along the week. I also got a lot of free time these days.
I do have a mic and discord, and would be glad to coordinate / communicate with voice chat.

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Re: [CLOSED] [EN] 1-2 experienced ppl for Bobs/Angels

Post by masterzh » Wed Mar 14, 2018 8:52 am

Closing as we have enough nice people :)

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