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Postby SquidCap » Wed Jun 13, 2018 2:11 pm

Download page: None of them have ANY description of the contents. It is not a description if "warfare mod" says "various things about warfare". I rather not download at all if that is all the info. Note, no one in this page will think this is a problem as they already know what these mods do... I went the other way, trying to find what they are but.. Not even here you have a FAQ.. Nothing tells new users what they are, what they do. Not even installation instructions are anywhere, at least not where one first looks.

First impressions about the whole mod/download/forum experience: fanboys have been ruling this, first time user help is non existent, there are hoops you have to jump thru, request passwork changes, do two accounts and last piece was that most popular downloads have NO explanation about anything since you guys all know all of this already.. It doesn't register as a problem but... it kind of is.. Not a big one, i'll find the info, it'll take me 5-15 minutes longer and i need to search for things that i don't know the name for yet..

So, why not add SOMETHING for the new users to make this less painful. I won't have any long lasting problems, i'm a ex modder myself that turned to game development. The first time user is the key audience, it does not matter if 50th time user has too much info. But for 1st timer, it can mean "f this". I need to know how can i uninstall, dos this affect save games, online and so on. I need some safety, some info that i can assess if it is worth the trouble/risk. I've done this myself, my mods have been downloaded all over the globe (i'm not anyone important, it reaaaally doesn't necessarily take skills) and you just have to design the overall package for people with two left hands, at least give them a feeling of security and control.
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