Some suggestions for the train signal page.

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Some suggestions for the train signal page.

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- the show_train_stop_point debug option is incorrect. I think you mean show-train-braking-distance (which is very useful!)

- change all references to yellow/orange to yellow to be consistent

- Can you add incorrect rotation to "blinking" - "Blinking - The signal is not on a rail; on a rail but not rotated correctly; or the monitored block is also the block before the signal."

- Adding something with visuals about how you can arrive at the last condition for blinking would be very kind to new folk who want to enjoy trains.

- would be good to update the block color graphic so as to increase confidence in the page that it is up to date (though it'd be good to revert to this graphic. Current graphic doesn't play well with show-rail-paths debug option which is hella useful for understanding trains)
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