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Wiki request - "Guidlines to entity composition"

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 3:52 pm
by thelordodin
Of cource that would be nice if we had highly modular architecture, which was discussed and requested

But it's too late to think about it since it's complete rewrite of the whole engine:
... and I agree with that.

Of course separating UPS logic and rendering logic and gui for all entities would be a great architectual decision,
components system, but... it's just too late... everything is already made the way it is.
(I still suggest slowly moving to components in entities: separating rendering, updates and GUI into three different "entity-leds" classes in C++ - at least for new entities. C'mon, UPS and FPS already separated inside, it's just a step to separate it in lua to have "updater" and "renderer").

"Refactoring of Factorio" (mwa-ha-ha) - seems "impossible" or at least a VERY and long hard task to do.

However "Composition" is very wanted but mostly "impossible" to implement feature:
... there are tens or even hundrends of them...

So if that's "impossible" to do "components composition" for now, why not at least make "entity composition" simpler?

How can this be done?
Well I see this way:

What would be great is some pages in wiki with all this modding hacks the modder community found so far to make entities.
"Cook book" for modder:

Graphics related hacks:
- If you need just static graphics - use "stone" entity type
- If you need a big set of images dynamically changing - use rotating car (see Nixie tubes + <filename> for reference)
- If you need glow - use centrifuge
+ Now you have dynamic rendering (ref)

- If you need blinking leds or animation - use ?what?
- If you want to display an icon of an item on an entity - use ?what?

Not graphics related:
- If you need to write to circut networt - use constant combinator as a base
- If you need to give energy - use solar panel

Finding all this and systemizing into some clear pages of wiki would be great.... and of course time consuming.
But I think this will boost modder community.

So. Modding "Cook book", "Modding hacks", "Guidlines to entity composition" pages in wiki - this is the proposial.

Re: Wiki request - "Guidlines to entity composition"

Posted: Wed Jan 09, 2019 4:09 pm
by Bilka
I don't think the wiki would be the right place for that. Basically everything that you just stated is an opinion on what works best - most I would disagree with. I think it would be better to have such a "list" on the forums where these different approaches can be discussed.

Please don't make polls. They have very little effect on any kind of decision related to the wiki. Decisions are made based on arguments for and against them, not simple majority.