Wiki: Expensive mode is not saved

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Wiki: Expensive mode is not saved

Post by Accrettio »

I'm playing my first game with expensive mode set. While doing that I found a small issue with the wiki, the setting to use expensive mode is not saved. Let me show with an example.

1. I go to look at fast transport belts:
2. Since I want to use the expensive mode I click that button, and I get this page: ... ive%20mode
3. I want to know what it takes to build the transport belt, and click the picture in the "Recipe" section

What is currently happening at #3 is that I get to the transport belt page with normal mode. I think that's wrong, it should always use the same mode I'm currently using. In this case I should get to the expensive mode page.

Other information that might be important:
- I use firefox 59.0.1 on a Windows 10 computer
- I'm not logged in to the wiki

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Re: Wiki: Expensive mode is not saved

Post by Bilka »

This is not supported by the extension that we use to make the tabs, sorry.
I'm an admin over at Feel free to contact me if there's anything wrong (or right) with it.

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