some "Total Raw" numbers are wrong on the wiki

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some "Total Raw" numbers are wrong on the wiki

Postby Cerulean » Mon May 15, 2017 1:24 pm

Some of the "Total Raw" numbers are wrong on the wiki.
My favorite is, where the recipe is:
Time, 10 + Advanced circuit, 2 + Electronic circuit, 20 + Sulfuric acid, 5
and the "Total Raw" numbers are the same -- they don't break down advanced circuits into electronic circuits or electronic circuits into copper and iron. is pretty bad too.

Less bad but still could be improved: breaks down into copper, iron, and plastic -- but it doesn't break the plastic down to coal and gas.

Is this done by a script? If I hand-edit these with my wiki account, will they get overwritten when someone does an import from the raw xml? Is there any way I could edit the script that generates these?
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Re: some "Total Raw" numbers are wrong on the wiki

Postby Bilka » Thu May 18, 2017 8:19 am

Some of the total-raw numbers were indeed wrong for example rocket control units, the data I base my sricpt on was fixed and I updated the infoboxes. In-game, Plastic is not broken down in total-raw because it cannot be handcrafted. Since the infobox is kept as close as possible to the game info, the (fixed version) of the script still doesn't break down plastic or other non-handcraftables like Engine units. I'll have a look at why the data does not break down Rocket Part, though I suspect that that is the case because it can only be crafted in the Rocket Silo.

And yes, if you edit things by yourself you risk getting them overwritten by my script, though only if my script sees them as "wrong" and corrects them.
I'm an admin over at Feel free to contact me if there's anything wrong (or right) with it.
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