17.69 Feedback

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17.69 Feedback

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Hello Developers,

This seems to be the best place for feedback on the recent "experimental" update. I haven't found a single issue yet so it's solid as far as I can see. To be blunt and honest I was kind of skeptical after hearing some of the proposed changes. I thought the game would turn into a watered-down, PG, Disney version. So far from the truth.

- Love the new looks and graphics. The game looks much better, not that it needed it imo.
- Bullseye on the Terrain editor. The new random seed maps look soooooo nice. The new changes give a much more realistic and aesthetically pleasing look and feel. Plus the new changes allow for a much more customizable Biome creation. I'm a Desert fan so now I can make these so much easier and quicker.
- Thank you for ridding the Blue Science packs of the Mining Drill. The Drill alone is almost a Science pack. Other Science pack changes were done well too. I was concerned that some would become too easy and thus imbalance the game. This has not been the case.
- The new biter changes now make the game more interactive in combat situations. Dodging the acid from worms adds an extra element. I like the increased aggression, or proper aggression, now from the biters. I used to be able to set up the game so I almost nullified their existence without combat. This is no longer the case and leads to more pick and choose as well as tactical decisions when playing.
- GUIs. Very very nice. From the tech-tree to the trains, through statistics and so on everything is much more informative and laid out.

All and all everything across the board got better and I've found myself playing this game a ton now. I really shouldn't say this but I will anyways. If you guys ever get some free time could you head over to Microsoft and work on a new update for them...

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