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Main website bugs

Post by MPeti1 » Sun Sep 08, 2019 5:11 pm


I've just checked, and for some reason I felt I want to log in. After I logged in I've seen my profile's email address was one that I don't check that frequently, so I wanted to change that. First thing I noticed is that the second email field is probably marked as a username field because Firefox automatically filled it with my username. The second thing I noticed after that, is that the verification email greets me like I just registered a new profile.

I also noticed that I've checked to receive newsletters, but I don't remember ever getting one, and after a quick search there wasn't any in my inbox (checked in old address ofc). Could you set it up to automatically send out the newest FFF or any other news that's posted to for those who have checked this?

I know these are not like major-first-world-problems, I just wanted to let you know :)
Although not sure if it's the best place for it, I don't know where could I post these because the bug report subforum is for the game itself.

PS: I'm currently playing with modded 0.14 and can't wait for stable 0.17 :D I know, everyone says it's already stable as rock, but after starting a new map I wouldn't like to update for a while because I would like if I would have a complete replay of my factory

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