aliens needs multithreading :/

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Re: aliens needs multithreading :/

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Oxyd wrote:
Fri Sep 20, 2019 12:03 pm

Nah, that would be super slow. If something blocks the path after it's found, then that's simply ignored. The obstacle might move away before the biter even reaches it, or it might not, in which case the biter will bump into it. If a biter does bump into an obstacle, it will try to go around on its own. After a while, if it detects it can't go around without any help, it asks the pathfinder for a path around the obstacle.
makes sense... tho i never wrote a hello world, i spent a lot of time modding games... so a lot of time reading code, understanding the mathematics but not how they interact as a whole, then just mod the number in the formula to do what i need... External Ballistics are a pain to work with when you have ABSOLUTELY no idea of the units used in a game... like a unit of 1 distance MIGHT be a meter... or half of one of a centimeter... or imperial stuff... tho that is what i spent my time on, i still read most of the stuff since it always intrigued me.

Unreal Tournament's A.I. in 2000 could have like 255 bots no problem, and the code was complex, but in 2003, same PC, at 3 bots it lagged to no end! (smooth at 0 bots) and the code was now at a level i could not make sense of.

(also i made a quick suggestion on how to fix one of the often found problem of modders, conflicts with modding stats like player mining speed or Max HP and such... that should be an easy implement even if it only gets in at V0.19 lol as a base game mechanic, it should serve the actual Game Engine also in the future.)

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