Blueprints: How to find what you need

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Fast Inserter
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Blueprints: How to find what you need

Post by FasterJump »

Today you can find blueprints everywhere: reddit, this forum, third party websites... According to my experience, it's hard to find what you're looking for.

For exemple in there is tags. It's useful I suppose, but don't help that much.

What if there was a way to attach standardized data to blueprints?

For exemple:

Code: Select all

Blueprint type: Production/Transport/Energy
Output resource: Red circuits / Iron plates / whatever
Tileable: Yes/No
Game stage: Early/Mid/Late
Modules: Yes/No
Beacons: Yes/No
Use of circuit network: Heavy/Light/No
Belt types: Yellow/Red/lue
Input: x items/s
output: x items/s
Saturation: Input/Output
Output balance: Total/Partial/No
Input balance: Total/Partial/Low
Energy consumption: x
Power poles: Small/Medium/Big
This could be implemented ideally in a website (official or not) or just in a google doc or on the wiki.

And when you want to search a blueprint, you can just filter what you need.
It would also allow to compare blueprints: which one has the smallest footprint, is more energy efficient...

Maybe something like that already exists?

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Re: Blueprints: How to find what you need

Post by IGotBaconSoda »

I agree the tag system (or at least, the relevance function that displays blueprints) on factorioprints could be improved. For instance, game version needs to be a requirement by the submitter, and a filter for the searcher.

Many more small things could make factorioprints very easy to use and future-proof, especially with the coming balance changes producing many (many) more incoming blueprints--even already.

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Re: Blueprints: How to find what you need

Post by HurkWurk »

(optional) standardized meta data would be welcome.

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