feedback: train signals are hard

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Re: feedback: train signals are hard

Post by Mauslag PIngman » Thu Nov 29, 2018 8:54 pm

I like the trains, but the switches are quite confusing. Tracks are often long so it can be quite tedious to run the length of them "trying" new things when something doesn't work right. Lately, I've been getting better at it and building a little confidence but then some time will go by and I'll come back to a train system that was working and find that trains are stalled in the wrong place and nothing is moving. Frustrating. If there's one thing games should avoid its heavy frustration and problems that are tedious to resolve. That kind of thing is for real life. On the other hand, it is somewhat satisfying when you do get a grasp.

Try to break it down. First build a one way loop with a couple of stops. See if you can get your trains to stop and load and unload. Try adding a train and using some signals. Try building a track with turn around loops on each end. Once you've got that stuff figured out try an intersection and then add more trains.

I spent many hours in my current game building trains with engines on both ends and tracks that don't intersect or cross anything. I think that's the easiest kind of train to build because you don't need switches, just stops. As time goes on you'll want to move more stuff and have greater freedom in where you can go and that's when you need to be very sure of yourself in crossing other tracks and keeping things running. Its a weakness of the game that you can easily mess things up and be quite confused as to how to fix it and the game does nothing to help.

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