what's your style of playing the game?

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Re: what's your style of playing the game?

Post by Aeternus »

I'm someone who likes to tinker. I got a big whopping megabase set up on a railworld which is happily chugging along at 1k science at the moment, but if I'm not happy with how part of it works, I tear the whole section down and rebuild it. Did the spreadsheet thing to calculate just how many resources are needed to keep 10k sci going and wether or not it would overload parts of my factory (mainly the smelters - had some rude awakenings there in thinking 12 wagon trains would handle anything).

My own jouney has been:
- Find the game during a "games like Transport Tycoon" search.
- Grab it off the net to see what's what.
- Play the campaign. Blunder about and learn the basics. Nearly give up before figuring out how to shoot at biters in the early levels of the campaign.
- Feel pretty pleased about yourself on finishing the campaign.
- Start a regular game.
- Gulp at the sheer size of the tech tree. How the hell is all that going to work?
- Suck it up and start that first mess of a factory. Lots of manual moving stuff about until you figure out that automation is key and resources are not to be hoarded, but expended asap.
- Rebuild your factory after some early biters and learn - again - what turrets do.
- Grow your factory to a pretty big one and launch that first rocket. And feel good about yourself again!
- Mosey around on the forum and see Bobs and Angels mods are popular. Activate a few and see what's what.
- Have a near heartattack at the sheer hike in complexity resulting from this.
- Complete a game with those mods anyway. Just cause.
- Start a new big world game and go for 10k Science.
- Tried my hand at a few early mods, quickly abandoning the electric trains as the game doesn't support vehicles without a burner. May try my hand at rail tunnels if the 10k sci world grows tedious.

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Re: what's your style of playing the game?

Post by metis_seeker »

SirLANsalot wrote:I go for Rail-world when I can. I love trains.

Research and Power are the only things that still survive in the starting area, everything else gets split out into their own "towns/bases".
Do you RSO for your rail world or just vanilla? I've been wanting to create a rail-world but I don't feel quite ready to dip into mods yet (plus I want to earn a few of the achievements still).

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Re: what's your style of playing the game?

Post by imcute »

red_belt wrote:
Tue Apr 10, 2018 12:06 pm
hey there.

i'm really new to factorio with around 30 hours of playtime. and now i've reached a point where i want to ask you which kind of playstyle you prefer.

what i mean is this: in the beginning, i was just constructing things, so i can research stuff that allowed me to construct new things. and i just built stuff the way i thought it might work, and well, it - somehow - worked. figuring out how things work was much fun to me. but since i progressed in the game, the things i create get bigger and it takes a lot of time to construct them, so it sucks to notice that you have done something wrong and need to rebuild a lot of stuff. since i can play one hour a day at max, i need several days to reconstruct parts of my base.

so i think at some point, you can't just use the trial-and-error method anymore, because some errors have extensive consequences. what you can do is this: you need to start planning. so i started a new game in god-mode, just to figure out how much oil refineries i need to create enough sulfur to saturate a yellow belt (hint: A LOT) and how much space that would need, because i wanted to leave room to expand production of every resource at some point in the game (and also to finally figure out that strange liquid system which is kind of black magic to me).

BUT: testing and planning stuff like this also takes much time. maybe as much time as reconstruction parts of your base when you notice that you can't go on like that. so right now i'm figuring out what kind of playstyle i enjoy more, but i'd also like to know how experienced players are playing the game.

are you planning, or are you trying? how would you describe your style? share you're stories, if you like!
Start playing factorio
->mine some coal
->get eaten by biters(cuz not know how to shoot)
->break for a few months
->mine some ores and smelt them
->start speedhacking
->production goes brrrr with peaceful mode
->find out that blue bottles need engines which cannot make by hand
->mann its hard
->break for few months
->make red bottle black box
->make green bottle black box
->speedhack for labs
->get eaten by biters
->break for few months
->make red green blue blackbox on peacful mode
->quit on purple black box cuz too hard(also i do not know how to make non black boxes since there are no hyper space item storage and transmitting thing here)
->break for few month
->retry and fail
->break for few month
->ask do i must trains and how to make purple black box
->unhelpful answers(Yes.its prefered but ur not going to find how to make rails here)(We cannot help u since that is all the fun and i would appriciate if u find it out urself)
->retry and fail
->quit factorio for a long time and start focusing on astroneer and mindustry :(

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Re: what's your style of playing the game?

Post by Eternal »

After 14 k hours... Not much left to try that i havent done or tried to do.
I still build starts of the game till i forget what my goal was or some new idea comes to mind and i abandon current to jump into that idea.
I use from start:
- infinity chest;
- power armor mk3;
- nuclear robots;
I can't play without these QoL mods for my engineer, bases will use vanila stuff.
I tried big mods, getting bored fast of them, i think vanila is well balanced.
2 types of gameplays:
- normal starts with evolution and or buss etc
- cheaters mall and hit that megabase idea that itches me.

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