How to PROPERLY use Enable/Disable of a Train Station

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Re: How to PROPERLY use Enable/Disable of a Train Station

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Okay so, this is what I've done and the outcomes:

I've decided, at each of my iron mines, to sum all the ores and divide by 8000 to outpost a signal "i" for number of iron train pickups ready.

Like Zaka, I created 10 dedicated trains for iron ore pickup to drop off. 0-10 trains are released depending on "i". Say i=5 then 5 trains are released. This is working out very well.

As for the deadlocking, I've redone all of my intersections to include a round about. This was the only way to not deadlock trains when a station closed. This is working well. I tried to create my own intersection and it appears to be working but I want to test it more to determine if deadlocking is possible before sharing my design.

The last goal I originally had was to turn off the drop off stations to give some priority over others, but I've decided this would only be useful for my beginning/intermediate base and is useless once I have a giant dedicated area for smelting the ore into plates. So this is irrelevant.

Playing with RSO however, I may have to increase my waiting bay to more than 10 trains as they must travel very far to pick up and drop off. It makes it very difficult to have a constant stream of ore. I'll report back with my findings on this issue as well.

Thank you for all of your help.


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