City Blocks instead of Main Bus

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Re: City Blocks instead of Main Bus

Post by evopwr »

geez what an old thread!

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Re: City Blocks instead of Main Bus

Post by MisterFister »

I've had a life-induced hiatus from Factorio since I last posted, but I'm revisiting it now. With these replies and some I received on the Facebook and reddit groups, I've gotten it into my craw to align everything to a chunk boundary.

How large is "way too large" in anyone's mind? I'm going to experiment, but to begin, I'm deciding on 10*10 as a baseline. (I prefer square blocks.)
Trebor wrote:
Wed Aug 28, 2019 8:32 pm
I’m trying a 4x9 chunk block with a 1 chunk border (so tiling @ 5x10) and ignoring all other constraints.
Square-preference aside, I like this idea and will bookmark it for later-stage testing.

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