Re-Enable Achievements...

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Re: Re-Enable Achievements...

Post by grapereader »

Does this work for achievements that were disabled by converting a freeplay game to a scenario?

I did the "convert to scenario" trick to enable replays on my save and am now getting burned by even my local achievements not working.

Edit: Just tested. It does not.

Spent the rest of my evening trying to sort this out. No luck. Tried changing the file header for level-init.dat which appears to have the 'scenario' in it to be identical to my original freeplay save. But the game still classifies it as 'scenario-derived'. Also spent an hour searching through the game's Lua API to see if there is a way to modify the scenario flag, but doesn't look like it.

Don't want to play it anymore since it no longer feels like a "real" game. But I don't want to restart from before the replay trick as I've done so much grinding since then. Not worth it for the replays, which aren't even working anymore after updating my mod list. Feelsbadman. :?
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Re: Re-Enable Achievements...

Post by MilV »

If anyone is still having trouble with this:
Im on Version 1.1.53 build 59373

I did everything JacobC1921 mentioned and ran into problems on step 4 -> "FF FF 00 01 00" was not present in my file.

To solve the issue I searched for the "command"-string entry and scrolled to the top of the message block (it seems all chat messages are one after the other in one chunk).

After finding it, it was just trial and error with switching out 01 for 00, repacking the file and starting the game.
The sixth try was successful in my case.

In my save file:
Bit.PNG (65.85 KiB) Viewed 687 times

On an otherwise fresh save:
TheBit.PNG (19.46 KiB) Viewed 687 times

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Re: Re-Enable Achievements...

Post by Onion »

@pawelzwronek Thank you so much for the program you made great work 10/10, and @keht your post gave me the answer of wich 00 01 00 because i had like 5 or 6 there an i didnt want to figured out through trial and error thanks. :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D

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