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Tips on making my spreadsheet efficient

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2023 6:19 pm
by crispeeweevile
I've played the game a fair bit, and I usually have a spreadsheet that has information on my base to some degree, but it always tends to get disorganized and messy. Are there any tips for how I should design my spreadsheet?

Re: Tips on making my spreadsheet efficient

Posted: Fri Feb 24, 2023 10:26 pm
by DaleStan
Do Max Rate Calculator or one of the many calculators (Factorio Lab, Factory Planner, Helmod, Recipe Book, and/or YAFC) do what you want?

Re: Tips on making my spreadsheet efficient

Posted: Sat Feb 25, 2023 1:43 pm
by Amarula
I <3 spreadsheets!

I also always play with a spreadsheet or two open on the second monitor screen. I make a new spreadsheet and use it to capture my goals for each new run. I use it for my log book as a record of what I wanted to do, what I did, what went wrong, and how I fixed it. Rather than a separate to-do list, I incorporate what I need to do in the log, and frequently at the end of the day I will end the log with a note of the next thing I want to do when I come back tomorrow.

I have built what I call my supply chain workbook that includes all the vanilla recipes, that calculates how much of this I need to produce a given amount of that, all the way from mining raw resources to supplying science packs to the research labs, and taking into account modules, beacons, and mining and other bonuses. As my own personal Factorio super-power is running out of power, I am working on extending it to calculate how much power I need in order to power all those miners, furnaces, assemblers, and other buildings. In the back of my mind I am thinking about how to extend it to calculate how many belts (or bots ack) and trains are needed to move everything around, and how much power/fuel is going to be needed for that...

Without knowing what you are including in your spreadsheet, and how that is getting messy, I am not sure how to advise you to improve, but I would love to hear more about it.