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I never noticed before

Posted: Wed Oct 13, 2021 2:24 am
by Mauslag PIngman
I just noticed this today. I was looking at my nuclear fuel flowing into my reactor on a red belt and when the fuel goes into the red underground belt it turns red. That means the cover of the red underground belt is plastic and not metal even though there is no plastic in the ingredients for red belts. It doesn't change anything and is of no importance except its a detail you might not have noticed.

I was taking a walk at 2 in the morning on an unlit road while wearing a headlight. I often see the eyes of animals like cats and deer lit up by my light. They're pretty chilling the way they don't have bodies and they stare. On this night I noticed a tiny reflection and then I stopped. "Was that tiny light on the ground moving?" I backed up about 7 steps and there it was again. Its light was bright enough it seemed to be wearing it's own headlight and then its body came into view out of the dark. It was a spider about an inch in diameter. It seems to have realized that I was tracking it because it started blinking rapidly and panning side to side. It looked frantic but wasn't retreating. Does that mean spiders can turn their eyes? At the same time it was running a crooked course but still coming at me. It turns out some spiders have reflective material on their eyes. Tarantulas have reflective eyes. If you go down into your cellar at night with just a headlight for illumination, you might find there are things staring back at you and they'll be freaked that you can spot them because I don't think they know they're reflective. They think they're the ultimate killer and master of stealth just like cats. After all, there are no headlights in nature.