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High lag/Tick in every server [1.1.35]

Posted: Fri Jul 16, 2021 7:13 pm
by francescop01
I'm not able to play any online games cause of a very high lag (more than 200 ticks/sec).
I don't think it's my internet connection since i can play any other games without any problem with 50/60ms of ping and i don't think it's my pc either since i have a r7 3700x processor and a r390x graphic card.

This are the things i have tried:
  • Joining a good server with a small map to see if the problem was my pc.
  • I tried slowing down the server to 0.8
  • I opened the port on my router
One strange thing is that when i click on then server the game gives me a good ping aroung 60ms so it's only in game that the ping goes very high.

Thank you for the help.