[1.1.30] Player dropped when connecting

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[1.1.30] Player dropped when connecting

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What did we do?
Connect to the server on the client.

What happened?
Player connects. Can move around for half a minute. Then get's dropped with a very odd message spammed in the logfile on the server side.

Code: Select all

Warning ServerSynchronizer.cpp:54: Received RequestForHeartbeatWhenDisconnectingMessage from peer (4) with wrong nextSequenceNumber (727891189) while (727890537) was expected
This behaviour happened 3 weeks ago as well when a new stable version was released.
He was able to play properly for 3 weeks without any issue in between 2 releases.

Expected behaviour?
Player connects. And stays connected.

Prior to using the headless server the player was able to connect to another client directly (same version, same mods, same save). However after we started using the headless server none of us were able to host a game that he could stay in (to rule out the switch to the server as a possible cause). The same thing happened when he hosted a game from his client. We get dropped after a short while.

The player was unable to join the headless server on version 1.1.25 with a similar issue.
When patch 1.1.27 arrived the player was able to join the server and play until patch 1.1.30 was released (server was still at 1.1.27).
Oddly enough the issue both times coincided with a new stable version being released and the player rolling back his game version to meet the server version.

We attempted to
  • Pause the game when he joined
  • Reduce the game speed to 0.1
  • Reinstall the headless server
  • Reinstall his game (worked one time, didn't work the other times).
Log File:
(67.87 KiB) Downloaded 4 times

Save Game:
(25.84 MiB) Downloaded 4 times

Zipped mods:
https://drive.google.com/file/d/1NEl42e ... sp=sharing

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