[1.0.0] Bots no longer picking up stuff game freezing after a while

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[1.0.0] Bots no longer picking up stuff game freezing after a while

Post by Aya »

What did you do? / What happened?
I've been running this base for about 3 years I think. Last night after doing some maintenance in outposts I saved the game and went to sleep.
In the morning I noticed I was standing next to a miner that was marked for deletion but my bots weren't picking it up.
I thought this was strange but proceeded to remove it by hand. Next I took a train to another station and the game started to slow down until a point it would just lock up.
I tried reloading the save but the same thing hapened. I could place an item on the ground but my bots would not pick it up.
As a final resort I reloaded a savegame from yesterday and waited half a day to see what would happen but the same issue came up again.
I removed all mods (the only gamechanging mod is waterwell). But still the same issue would appear.
I asked someone in discord to try my save and the same thing hapened.

What did you expect to happen instead? It might be obvious to you, but do it anyway!
I was hoping to be able to place bots and the game not crashing on me :)

Does it happen always, once, or sometimes?
It keeps hapening.
This is me showing the first sympthoms: http://ayaya.be/2020-11-15_13-42-16.mkv
This is my save: http://www.ayaya.be/18-UltraRich-2020-11-15-007b.zip
This is my logfile: http://ayaya.be/factorio-current.log

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