factorio crashes after playing for a couple of minutes

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factorio crashes after playing for a couple of minutes

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my game is crashing very often it usually occurs after just a couple of minutes playing and then the game crashes and my screen becomes dim.my sceen stops being dim when i reset my graphics driver(using a keyboard shortcut). but my game keeps crashing. i have already tried reinstalling the game. and i have the latest nvidea drivers installed.

the screen dimming also happens when i click on a different tab on my second monitor.
i have already checked my power settings and i am relativelt certain that this does not have anything to do with my issue. this issue also only appears when i am playing factorio

i dont have any mods installed.

i appreciate all the help that you guys can give me.

(5.36 KiB) Downloaded 11 times
my map save
(14.6 MiB) Downloaded 3 times
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