[0.18.33] (0.18.x) Experimental - Modded - Severe Sudden FPS Drop

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[0.18.33] (0.18.x) Experimental - Modded - Severe Sudden FPS Drop

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Hey all,

Firstly I know that running the experimental version could present it's own issues however since the latest update I have been getting random FPS/UPS drops going from 60.0/60.0 then suddenly dropping to as low as 20.0/20.0.

I am playing a fairly new save with Space Exploration and Krastorio 2, and I am only 5 hours in so the base isn't especially large just yet. Just wondered if anyone else was experiencing issues like this.

From what I have noticed it seems to run fine, until I open the map by pressing M then suddenly freezes, then the freezing happens every minute or 2 then returns to 60.0/60.0.

This is the most current log. https://pastebin.com/sVYK5KEs

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