razer chroma is just dark now

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razer chroma is just dark now

Post by joshinils »

so, idk what is inteded for the razer chroma support, but as i see it, it just turns my phillips hue lamps off (i have an led strip behind my monitors and a go), and i havent seen any color or light from them in the time playing factorio since some version in .17.x, i somewhat disliked the always red, but dark is worse.
i use those lamps as a backlight, and upon starting factorio my room is suddenly in darkness.
i generally dont get damaged or my shield doesnt recharge, i dont even have one.

so what is the point?

if nothing happens the lights could just display orange.
the loading bar red was also somewhat nice, as it showed that something was happening.

maybe have a color change or "ping" to white when chat happens, maybe have another coloured "ping" happen when bots bring me stuff, idk.

dark is just boring.
i think i will just turn the support off ingame so that they stay on and light my room.

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Re: razer chroma is just dark now

Post by Rseding91 »

We haven't changed the razer chroma logic since we added logitech LED support mid 0.17.0 development. Most likely the issue is with the razer software on your system (either they broke it, or it broke somehow). You can try uninstalling it and re-installing it.
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