[0.16.51]Corrupted save file after relaunching the game

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[0.16.51]Corrupted save file after relaunching the game

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1. after saving the game i quit to the main menue and exited the game by clicking on the quit button. due to windows update i decided that i would pull the usb cable of my hdd since the computer did not shut down and my break in school was ending.

2. when i came home i startet factorio and i saw that my save file was corrupted, including all three autosaves? :?

3. i decided to look into a copy of the corrupted files and found that in different saves different files where corrupted. i tought that maby if i take all the uncorupted files of these saves and combine them i might be able to create a working save. But all saves had the level.dat file corrupted so gave up trying to fix this myself.

-if there is any chance to somehow fix these files or at least one of them that woould be awesome.
my last save of this world that is not corrupt is over 100 hours in the past. :(

the autosaves are saved every 5 minutes and im slow to change things on my base that is why i thought switching files between saves might work. (all files in attachment are unedited as i found them.)
(12.47 MiB) Downloaded 11 times
(12.36 MiB) Downloaded 11 times
(12.33 MiB) Downloaded 11 times
original file that i save manually
(12.38 MiB) Downloaded 12 times

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