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[17.47] Erratic Framerate

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 12:13 am
by CheaterEater
After updating Factorio to the newest version 17.47 I find that my game framerate varies, going high for a short period (<1 second), then going low, then back again. It makes the game look like it's stuttering. I find this happens with no mods and a new savegame.

This also occurs in version 17.46. If I roll back to 17.45, the framerate is smooth as expected. However, this only affects my desktop computer, and the same game on my laptop runs smoothly.

Re: [17.47] Erratic Framerate

Posted: Sun Jun 09, 2019 7:33 pm
by CheaterEater
I installed the non-Steam version to see if that was fine, and it worked fine when I loaded up a save. I then switched to the Steam version to see if the problem persisted, and the same save loaded there had the same issue as before, with stuttering visible. I then switched back to the non-Steam version after shutting down Steam, and the game crashed on loading the save file. I've attached the save game, modlist and log. I did try uninstalling all mods, restarting Factorio and starting a new game, and the stuttering persists.

*edit* It seems that if I restart Factorio, it causes this problem. The first time I start Factorio, it runs fine, even when I switch between saves or start a new one. If I restart Factorio without restarting my computer, I get this stuttering problem, even with no mods installed only doing new saves in the non-Steam version. I fixed it by setting the refresh rate on my monitor to 60 Hz instead of 144 Hz, which lets me restart without suffering any stuttering problem.