[0.16.51] Friends are unable to connect via public games list or steam

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[0.16.51] Friends are unable to connect via public games list or steam

Post by Markis_Jr. » Thu Nov 29, 2018 7:26 am

When a friend tries to connect via the public games list or steam, they receive a network error, I can still join games (most of the time).

Please Note:
This issue of my friends not being able to connect to my games started to happen out of the blue, it has been an issue for a while and I'm not quite sure when it started to occur, but I am certain it started happening well after the last stable version of 0.16 came out. Since it has stopped working I have just been relying on friends to host. To my knowledge I made no changes to the game, was not playing with any mods or changed my networking setup. Also when I do host my server, I get the normal "Matching server connection resumed" and according to my friends, the server shows up on the public list but will not display the server ping.
One more thing, when I join friends via public list of steam I always have to do it a second time as the first time I do it I'm guaranteed to get this error:

Also I am sorry if I have missed a thread containing information that is similar to my problem, I have gone through the steps recommended including using advanced search etc. If you know of a post containing an answer to my problem please link it, cheers.

How to reproduce my problem:
I am running the latest stable version of Factorio with no mods.
I have a fresh install of Factorio and yet, when I host a game no friends can join. These are the options I set when hosting a game (note I've just put a one character password for this case):

What have I done to try and solve the issue?
So far I have deleted the TCP and UDP protocols and let the game regenerate them by giving permission to make firewall changes after hosting a new game. I have also deleted the config.ini file (although I believe it has nothing to do with networking), I have tried port forwarding on my router, I have completely uninstalled the game from steam multiple times and I have verified game files multiple times.

I know it's rude to ask but a response as soon as possible would be awesome.

EDIT: Added more information relating to the issue
My log file of when a friend tries to join
(6.36 KiB) Downloaded 6 times
My friends log file when he tries to join me
(4.86 KiB) Downloaded 3 times

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