[0.15.3] error updating to [0.15.5]

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[0.15.3] error updating to [0.15.5]

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I have currently 0.15.3 installed (originally downloaded 0.15.0 and updated to 0.15.1, 0.15.2 and 0.15.3 without problems when they came out).
Upon starting Factorio, I get the info that 0.15.5 is out and I can update. However, after downloading the first zip file there is a pause of about 5-10 seconds and then I get the following error (OK quits Factorio):
"Error when reading from file."
I have tried several times now.

Running Factorio as administrator doesn't help.
Resetting my router didn't help.
The zip file (in the Factorio temp folder) seems to be fine, I could extract it using 7-zip.
Here are the relevant lines of the file factorio-current.log:
18.129 Info Updater.cpp:743: Downloading https://updater.factorio.com/get-downlo ... iVersion=2
18.719 Info Updater.cpp:232: Downloading http://eu2.factorio.com/updates/core-wi ... 1493569925 to D:\Spiele\Factorio_0.15_vanilla\temp\core-win64-0.15.3-0.15.4-update.zip
22.400 Info Updater.cpp:243: => 200
30.426 Error Util.cpp:58: Error when reading from file.
I "solved" this now by redownloading the complete 0.15.5 version from the Factorio website.
2017-04-30 15_31_40-Factorio 0.15.3.png
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