[0.14.1] Character trash not emptying

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[0.14.1] Character trash not emptying

Post by chronix » Sun Aug 28, 2016 3:20 pm


Character trash not being emptied by over 10k logistics robots. I left the logistics area and came back a couple times, also took off my armor and put it back on. And still I have a few hundred items in my inventory, even waiting plenty of time in network for some bots to come from far away and perhaps take them.

Also, if I add other items to the empty places, they are taken quickly. But only if they don't match some of the other items in there? Perhaps it's only the auto-trash things?

Update: If I grab something in there (iron ore), it will stack up and take everything new except the part that was already there. I got all of those items while I was outside the network and they were auto-trashed. I took a train into the network and there perhaps were some logistics robots trying to catch up to the train in vain. But I was in network for over 20 minutes without anything taken, and it doesn't take them that long to cross it :)


Load the save, wait? :)

https://www.dropbox.com/s/0okjl6glry17k ... 4.zip?dl=0

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