[0.18.26] Corrupted Mod Files (??)

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[0.18.26] Corrupted Mod Files (??)

Post by valneq »

Hey there,

I just experienced something very strange and I was wondering how that may have happened.

Observations: I normally keep my mods up to date whenever I see updates. I have several save games with different mods that I load every now and then, and synchronize my mods with the save I want to load up. So far nothing strange.

Yesterday, I experienced a blue screen on Windows 10 while Factorio was restarting to activate the updated mods. After a reboot of Windows I did not start up Factorio yesterday. Today, when I started Factorio and wanted to synchronize mods with one of my saves, it claimed that LTN and AAI Industries needed to be installed. Strange thing, because I never removed them. Well OK, I thought, why not sync all mods and download those two again but not immediately load up the save – because something is fisy here. Factorio restarts. Just to make sure, I try to sync with that same save file and again, Factorio claims that I need to install LTN and AAI Industries. I checked my mods ingame – these two were not listed among the installed mods. When trying to install them from the integrated mod portal, it downloads something but does not try to restart the game to boot up the new mods. No visible feedback as to what is going on. The factorio-current logfile says the mods were downloaded but had been installed already, which is maybe why the game does not restart. But the ingame mod portal does not list them as installed, nor give any hint as to what is wrong when trying to install them again.

My first thought: just quit Factorio and remove the local files corresponding to the mods from the mod folder. Restarting Factorio allowed me to instal LTN and AAI Industries again, the game restarted once more and then everything appeared to be alright.

All this is really weird. Checking the logfile once again, I realized that there were these lines:

Code: Select all

   0.330 Error ModManager.cpp:910: Mod package read error. Opening zip C:/Users/valneq/AppData/Roaming/Factorio/mods/aai-industry_0.4.11.zip failed: Bad zip file
   0.525 Error ModManager.cpp:910: Mod package read error. Opening zip C:/Users/valneq/AppData/Roaming/Factorio/mods/dangOreus_1.5.16.zip failed: I/O error
   0.549 Error ModManager.cpp:910: Mod package read error. Opening zip C:/Users/valneq/AppData/Roaming/Factorio/mods/LogisticTrainNetwork_1.13.5.zip failed: I/O error
This implies that these mods were somehow corrupted on my machine, and dangOreus, too. But since it was not part of the save I tried to load I did not see there wase a problem with it before checking the logfile carefully. I also manually removed dangOreus and re-installed it. Now I hope everything is fine.

However, I still have questions:
  • How did I corrupt the mod files? Does Factorio touch the modfiles while starting up? I am pretty sure Factorio had already downloaded the updated mods before the bluescreen.
  • May I have caused any trouble by manually removing the mod zip files from the mod folder?
  • Why did the ingame modportal not list the mods as installed, while the logfile said they were installed?
  • When trying to re-install a mod that is apparently already installed, why does the ingame modportal not give an error message stating "This mod is already installed"?
  • Why does the ingame modportal not give errors regarding mods that appear to be in the mod folder but have errors when trying to load? Why does it not suggest removing and re-installing these mods – without me having to remove them manually in the appdata folder?

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Re: [0.18.26] Corrupted Mod Files (??)

Post by PunPun »

windows 10 has a feature called disk write caching. Basically it means that windows can decide to not write a file into your hard-drive right away. It just writes the file headers to the hard-drive and keeps the rest in ram. If there is other reads/writes going on it can take several minutes before a file gets actually written. If you bluescreened before it decided to write the file to your hard-drive it would result in a corrupted file.

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